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The 90-Second Integrationist podcast logo.The original episodes of “The 90-Second Integrationist” educational technology podcast are being re-released. Keep checking for new episodes each week through April 2024!

Five Rules of Design Thinking to Reach All Students

View the workshop slides from the 2023 Ohio Educational Technology Conference.

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Why "Designing Education?

In 1952, USAF Lt. Gilbert Daniels showed us there was no such thing as an “average pilot.” (Watch the L. Todd Rose TEDx Talk.)

In 1999, Procter & Gamble revolutionized mopping floors with the Swiffer. (Jonah Lehrer interview on Fresh Air.)

Our biggest challenges require our most adventurous challenges to the status quo. “Designing Education” is all about applying some principles of good design, borrowed from the fields of architectural design and software design, to the work of instructional design. If we truly believe that every student can learn to define and achieve what the highest level of success means for them (I do), then we must provide the resources and support necessary for that to happen.

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