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Pizza Box Intros

Some completed pizza boxes from previous attendees.

Pizza boxes are a great way to create some parameters around size and scope of student projects. When you assign a project, you can require that the completed project must fit inside the pizza box with the lid closed. This means your completed projects will be small enough to be manageable, and you can stack them in a safe place when they are not open for display!

I use this with students (or teachers, in a workshop) who do not know each other by assigning this as a “biography” project. Tell others about yourself by what you put in the pizza box! You can include some great twists on this project for your students. A couple of my favorites are creating the pizza box intro for another person, which requires talking to them to find out more about them, or requiring that the final project be non-verbal, using only pictures and symbols for the representations.

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When you are ready to get pizza boxes to use, keep in mind that 10“ pizza boxes will not hold a sheet of letter-size paper laid flat. I suggest the 12”×12“ size. Amazon usually has them from various sources for $1-$2 per box, but restaurant supply stores often sell them much cheaper. If you have a good working relationship with a local pizza place, see if you can get some donated or buy them from them below retail.

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